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Glass fibre panel filters can be used where large particles of dirt require filtering and where low airflow resistance is present, they are G3 rated 20-30% Efficiency.

Synthetic panel filters are primarily used as a pre – filter and are supplied in grades G3 & G4 = 20-40% Efficiency.

Pleated Panel filters can be used in a variety of applications; they are primarily used as a pre – filter to extend the life span of a more efficient secondary filter. Pleated panel filters are G4 rated 40% Efficiency.

All panel filters have a card frame and come in three depths 1, 2 & 4 inches

Standard Sizes

24x24 (596x596)

25x20 (625x496)

20x16 (496x395)

15x15 (372x372)

24x20 (596x496)

25x16 (625x395)

18x18 (448x448)

12x12 (287x287)

24x12 (596x287)

20x20 (496x496)

20x15 (496x372)

10x10 (240x240)

Non – standard sizes manufactured to order and delivered within 5 working days

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